A vision of a place where transitioning members of our society can live surrounded by an architecture that is healthy, sustainable, flood resistant, and supportive of them.

Small homes arranged in a village setting with integrated gardens and shared outdoor spaces…. spaces which lend themselves to human interaction and community engagement.

Homes and spaces which are built not from an outside entity, but from the hands of the people who will live there. Because, when people are engaged in the process, they are then invested, and this investment results in empowerment.

This vision is one which extends far beyond the end-product, but instead, includes a much broader perspective: one which recognizes the holistic, reciprocal, and regenerative aspects of the entire process, from start to finish.

At WE BUILD FOUNDATION, be believe that:

  • communities and individuals are stronger and more empowered when they are a part of the building process
  • education and skill-building is an integral piece of the Affordable Housing equation
  • healthy, non-toxic, dignified housing is a fundamental need of all human beings
  • empowering women with construction skills is an investment which will circle back to the community of which they live
  • human beings are psychologically affected by the spaces of which they are surrounded, and healing starts in the home