WE BUILD is currently partnered with Root Down Designs & The American College of Building Arts –  ACBA. Our skill-building courses will be led primarily through Root down Designs. The construction of future homes will be executed through a mixture of community-building workshops and courses, ACBA courses, apprenticeship programs, other local programs, and skilled laborers located within the specific location.

The Goal

The goal will be to provide as much education as possible through building workshops and classes, and eventually through the construction of small homes.  Individuals and organizations wishing to purchase pre-engineered plans will also have an opportunity to take part in educational courses, and therefore giving people a unique opportunity to help build a home of which they will eventually build on their own.

The Mission

Phase 1 of this mission is to create skill-building workshops and to impact as many people as we can.  We’ve recently launched a series of 2019 workshops which can be found here.   Donations to WE BUILD will help to support these courses and will allow us to plan for our next round of classes which can be offered at a fraction of the current cost due to your tax-deductible donation.

Phase 2 will be to build a prototype of a small & efficient home which will serve as case-study example for collecting information on cost, resources, performance, and construction logistics.  WE BUILD is currently partnered with Root Down Designs & ACBA to help with the development of construction courses from a ‘Women’s General Carpentry’ course to more specific courses on Hempcrete, Compressed Earth Block, natural plasters and paints, and more.  We anticipate the added support of other regional universities who will play a vital role in advancing the testing and analyzing performance data received.  The information gained from the completion of the prototype will allow us to modify and improve on the model and the building program as a whole, and offer a one-stop-shop for individuals and entities wishing to replicate these models.

The end-users will be carefully selected individuals through a process administered by WE BUILD and will seek to house local women with children who are currently struggling with meeting basic societal needs.

We believe that through the advancement of Regenerative Building Materials, the EMPOWERMENT of people, and maximizing education in the construction process,  we can greatly contribute to housing and building solutions for healthy communities and a healthy planet as we face climate-related crises and growing affordability concerns. We see this as a recipe which can be applied not only to Charleston, SC but to many regions across the country and around the world.